• Plant Based

    Our blend is made with plants only. Stop borrowing energy from tomorrow to get through today. Build resilience against stress and improve sleep with our herbal blend.

  • Sustainably Driven

    We endeavour to place sustainable practices above profit – partnering with local, ethical, and family-run suppliers who share our values.

  • Made with Love

    annbie was founded to serve you. That’s why we’re intentional about everything from our ingredients to packaging and operations.

    Healthy humans, healthy planet.

Hey you,

I’m Bernie, the founder of annbie – it’s lovely to (virtually) meet you.


It was the start of 2020. I was struggling with adrenal fatigue and caring for my elderly grandmother when the pandemic hit. Like many of us, my nervous system went from being on the edge to totally fried! To cope, I was drowning myself in cups of tea and coffee as a source of comfort, which only led to more anxiety, jitters, and energy crashes.


Desperately trying to find ways to regain a sense of balance, manage stress better and improve my non-existent energy levels, I began learning about a class of powerful herbs – Adaptogens.


At the same time, it became apparent that caffeine was doing me no favours. Underwhelmed by the alternatives (bland hot water, anyone?), I started creating my own variations of a caffeine-free coffee - adding adaptogens into the mix.

After a year of obsessing over different blends of herbs in the kitchen at home, I teamed up with herbal experts and a development agency to create the first annbie blend – Chic & Dandie.


I’ve experienced the benefits of cutting out caffeine and consistently consuming adaptogens, from calming energy to better, deeper sleep.

The launch of annbie is fuelled by a desire to help you experience the same. For all the dreamers, big-hearted creatives and fellow health enthusiasts who want to live with a sense of ease where everything feels downhill.


That’s why the tagline is Rooting For You. Because I truly am. This is just the beginning. Thank you for you joining me on this journey!


I’d love to hear your story; feel free to reach out to me @annbieblends


With love,



Beauty of Adaptogens

Adaptogens are a class of herbs that help the body defend against stress, maintain balance and improve overall well-being. The exceptional properties of these plants enable them to adapt their function based on whatever the individual needs, restoring the body to a state of homeostasis (equilibrium).